Neste Sommer - Sesong 4
Ingen Retur

Five episode series for

Director: Ina Grevstad

Cinematographer: Martin Håndlykken

Neste Sommer - Season 5

10 episode sitcom for TVNorge

Director: Simen Alsvik

Cinematographer: Gaute Gunnari

Match - Season 1 and 2

I graded two seasons (20 episodes) of this comedy show for NRK

Director: Martin Lund

Cinematographers: Morten Forsberg and Audun Magnæs

Production Company: Ape og Bjørn

Neste Sommer - Sesong 4
Neste Sommer - Sesong 4

10 episode sitcom for TVNorge

Director: Simen Alsvik

Cinematographer: Johan-Fredrik Boedtker

Født i feil kropp - Sesong 2

Six episode documentary series for TV2

Director: Petter Vennerød

Cinematography: Petter Säfström

True Selfie (Jeg Mot Meg)

A documentary series where eight young people have documented their mental challenges, through their own video diaries. Anxiety, loneliness, fitness disorders, addictions... Now they meet each other for the first time to talk therapy with a psychologist.

The series aired on NRK in the spring of 2016. Eight episodes.

I did both grade and online for this project.

Director: Stefan Faldbakken

Production comapny: Anti TV

Trio - Season 3 - The Kepler Diamonds

Season 3 of a popular thriller series for young teens that aired on NRK in the spring of 2016. The season contained 10 episodes with a 25 minute running time each.

I was the colourist and online artist on this production. 

Cinematographer: Odd Reinardt Nicolaysen


HÆSJTÆGG IS A MOCKUMENTARY about six bloggers who all have in common that their life circulates around their blog. Spouses, children, parents and self-respect are all overshadowed by it. And we find out that the life portrayed on their blogs and in social media is quite far from reality. 

I worked on it as a colourist and online artist.

The series premiered September 14th 2015 and was produced by ANTI TV.

Directors: Marie Kristiansen and Eigil Langmark

Cinematographers: Håvard Byrkjeland and Petter Holmern Halvorsen