The Crossing
Statement Too
Recruiting for Jihad

For three years well-known Norwegian extremist Ubaydullah Hussain gives filmmakers Adel Khan Farooq and Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen unique access to his everyday life encouraging jihadists in Europe until he is arrested for supporting terrorism by recruiting for ISIS. The film serves as a vital work of investigative filmmaking, providing viewers an unfiltered look at the origins and methods of modern-day jihadism. 

Directors: Adel Khan Farooq and Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen

Childhood / Barndom

A documentary made for cinema. About how the joy of playing and the development of fantasy in an early stage of our lives have a great impact on us.

Director: Margreth Olin

Cinematographer: Øystein Mamen

Født i feil kropp - Sesong 2

Six episode documentary series for TV2

Director: Petter Vennerød

Cinematography: Petter Säfström

Northbound / Mot Nord

Four of Norway's top skateboarders set out to bring their urban sport into the wilderness of Lofoten. Skating along frozen beaches and attempting the crazy idea to build a skate ramp out of sand and ice. This is a meditative experience about being a fish out of water.

On this film I did both the grading and online work. The online consisted of a bunch of paint jobs, retimings, stabilizations and a sky replacement. As well as creating the online graphics.


Director: Jørn Ranum

Cinematographer Lukasz Zamaro

Producer: Anders Graham / Turbin Film

Doing Good / Mannen fra Snåsa

"Doing Good" is a feature length documentary about the importance of hope in human life . Margreth Olin filmed 22 people that got to meet well-known healer Joralf Gjerstad . Over the last 65 years 50,000 people traveled to Snåsa in hopes of getting help from him, the largest migration in Norway in modern times. Can we as a society learn from a man 's ability to care ?

I was so lucky to work on the colour grading of this film with the best documentary filmmaker in Norway and her great cinematographer.

Director: Margreth Olin

Cinematographer: Øystein Mamen


The Crossing
The Crossing

I graded this 55 minute documentary called The Crossing. 

It takes us along on one of the most dangerous journeys of our time with a group of Syrians fleeing war and persecution, crossing a sea, two continents and five countries, searching for a home to rekindle the greatest thing they have lost – Hope.
They make it to Europe, only to find out that the hardest part of their journey still lies ahead. Months of uncertainty and waiting, living in one centre after another, takes a toll on their spirits, as they confront what being a “refugee” means.

A documentary for International television that will premiere at Norwegian Broadcast Corporation NRK1, prime time October. 27.

Director and photographer: George Kurian

Production Company: Gründer Film

Statement Too
Statement Too

Unknown to the many, loved by the few: A film about Norwegian cult-musician Arvid Sletta

Will be released in 2016


Director and photographer: Jørn Utkilen

Production company: Ape & Bjørn

Født i feil kropp

A documentary series made for television. Aired on norwegian TV2 in the fall of 2014.

On this series I did both the grading and online work. The online work consisted of creating the graphics, making the intro and stablizing images and some paint fixes.

Directed by Petter Vennerød

Main cinematographer Patrik Säfström

Produced by Karianne Førland Vennerød / Merkur Film

The series won the award for best Documentary Series at Gullruten 2015

Camp Solskinn

A documentary about youth and what they think about growing up. The documentary is available online at

Directed by Haakon Mathisen

"Kari Bremnes - Mitt Hjerte"

A documentary about northern-norwegian artist Kari Bremnes.

Director Lars Hellebust
Cinematographer Audun G. Magnæs

Jenny Skavlan - Brudekjolen

A documentary short made for

Directed by Marie Kristiansen

Cinematography by Andreas Johannessen

Edited by Jonas Aarø

Produced by Cathryne Pryser and Showbirds

Jenny Skavlan - Skoleball

A documentary short made for

Director / photographer / editor: Andreas Johannesen. 

Producer: Cathrine Pryser / Showbirds

Sound Design: Trond G. Hansen 

Production company: Fredrik Fiction

Statoil - Geologist Allie Thurmond

An infomercial for Statoil about the geology skills they apply to plan where to search for oil and gas.

Director and photographer: Pål Laukli

Produced by Encore Film