Coca Cola - Olympics 2018 - Dir Cut

Director: Andreas Luksepp

Production Company: Waterdrop

Den 12. Mann (12th Man)

I worked as a Finishing Artist on this feature film for over a month in the end of 2017. Basically doing the final touch on the edit and the images in the film.

The job involves online editing, creating all the graphics and performing picture tweaks and grade changes with the client. As well as taking care of all the logistics involved in working with a bunch of VFX houses and the grading facilities at MPC in London. 

It was a huge pleasure to be working with Harald Zwart on this film. And it's in Norwegian cinemas December 2017.


Director: Harald Zwart

Production Company: Nordisk Film Production & Zwart Arbeid

Choice Hotels

Director: Stian Andersen

Cinematographer: Viktor Kumlin

Production Company: Fus!

The Great Escape

Director: Andreas Luksepp

Production Company: Waterdrop

Røde Kors - Slik ser 1,5 millioner mennesker ut

Director: David Berget

Cinematographer: Audun Magnæs

VFX: Storm Studios

Production Company: Nordisk Film Shortcut

Agency: Try

Framtiden i våre hender

Director: Even Hafnor

Cinematographer: Petter Holmern Halvorsen

Production Company: Pravda

Matprat - Lammepizza

Director: Haakon Mathisen
Production Company: Fus!

Highasakite - 5 Million Miles

Director: Stian Andersen

Cinematographer: Håvard Byrkjeland

Production Company: Fus!

McDonalds - Homestyle Juicy

One of three McDonald's spots.

Director: Thea Hvistendahl

Cinematographer: Andreas Bjørseth

Production company: Einar Film